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President | Meg Spelliscy
The President is responsible for overseeing all activities of the Sorority. She presides over chapter meetings and is the official representative of the Sorority.

Vice President Finance | Kiah Leicht
VP Finance is responsible for keeping a record of receipts and expenditures and prepares term and annual budgets. 

Vice President Public Relations | Dominique Aston
VP Public Relations is responsible for maintaining relations with the University Community in accordance with Greek Community standards and for overseeing all Greek Exchanges with other sororities or fraternities. 

Vice President Academia and Scholarship | Arianna Haugen
VP Academia and Scholarship is responsible for collecting and monitoring grade point averages of all members and for rewarding and encouraging exceptional scholarship behavior.

Vice President Membership Conduct | Simran Grewal
VP Membership Conduct is responsible for enforcing the rules, precedents, and Bylaws of the chapter. 

Vice President Administration | Bethany Gerlach
VP Administration is responsible for recording and distributing meeting minutes to sisters, keeping a permanent file of all membership records, and ensuring operations runs smoothly.

Vice President Membership Education | Ali Stadnyk
VP Membership Education is responsible for the development of the sisterhood, through organizing and overseeing all Sisterhood events.

Vice President Philanthropy | Brittany (Britt) Beckmann                                            VP Philanthropy is responsible for organizing and overseeing all philanthropy events, for informing all sisters of community service events, and for keeping record of all sisters who participate in philanthropy events.


Recruitment Chair | Bethany Gerlach
Plans, organizes and oversees all recruitment activities and events, and is the primary contact for potential new members who may have any questions regarding recruitment.

Recruitment Junior | Ali Stadnyk Supports our Recruitment Chair in all of their duties, and is the second point of contact for anything and everything recruitment related.

Ritualist | Arianna Haugen
Encourages and teaches rituals to active members and plans initiations each year to welcome new members into the chapter.

Alumnae Advisor | Amanda Clement
Oversees the Alumnae Board and aids the chapter in ensuring effective communication between the chapter and all other Alumnae as well as provides guidance and counsels the active members. 


Media Relations Chair | Dominique Aston
Updates and maintains all social media accounts and the website. 

Mental Health Chair | Ali Stadnyk       Focuses on the mental and emotional  health of our members. Provides information  and options to help with any distresses.  

Physical Health Chair | Julianne Ross    Focuses on the physical health of our members. They provide information and options to live a healthy lifestyle, and reduce physical distresses, while improving oneself. 


Our members have as many unique interests as they do unique qualities about them. This makes all of us find even more special things about each other and ourselves, enriching our educational experiences even more. Here are just a few of the areas our members are studying.

Physical Education
Education, Primary and Secondary
Chinese Language and Literature
Women and Gender Studies
Environmental and Conservation Biology

Family Ecology
Nutrition and Food Sciences
Physiology and Developmental Biology
Land Reclamation
Biological Sciences and Chemistry
Music and Secondary Education